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Knitting a Earflap with Cables in the round circular needles
Okay, here is my dilemma, I am a newbie when it comes to knitting, and I love it!

I started a hat project called "Hearts and Cables," so I finished the ear-flaps, which ends at Row 16. Once I started adding the stitches in between the two ear-flaps on Row 17 (see below) for the body of the hat instead of k1 and p3 I am actually p1 and k3. All the stitches are backwards or inside out, and for the life of me I do not know how to get the stitches on right to where I can follow the pattern!

Row 17: ECO 12 sts at end of 2nd ear flap, slide over 1 st ear-flap and k1, p3, 2/2 LC, p3, k1 across ear flap, ECO 24 sts [60 sts].)

What I am doing wrong! Like Row 18-21 (see below) instead of p4, k4, p20, I am actually k4,p4,k20!

Row 18-21: P4, k4, p20, k4, p28 [60] Row 22: *P4, k4, p4, PM, repeat 4 times until end of row marker

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