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Originally Posted by dancejunky View Post
I've switched over to the Fair Isle technique you put me on to, and I'm loving it! I've never been a thrower, but it only took me a few minutes to get used to the 2-handed approach, and it's going pretty fast now. It might be my imagination, but it seems like the fabric has more stretch done this way than with floats. Maybe that's because the yarn winds around more than the floats, which are straight.

So now I'm wondering whether this method would make corrugated ribbing stretchier. I had sort of abandoned the idea of using it on the cuff edge, because it's not very stretchy. Guess I'll have to do a little cuff swatch and test it.
I haven't done corrugated ribbing, but it's worth a try. I find the two handed approach must faster and more even. I'm glad it's working out for you!

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