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Guess who's been knitting?
And crocheting?


Yes. It's true. After nearly a decade of working on, I have finally succumb to the needles. I have knit here and there in the past, but I never got past just your basic knit stitch english style. I used Amy's videos and taught myself continental knitting and purling. My first finished project was a simple cotton dishcloth from this pattern:

From there, I was craving something a little more complex, but not too big and I made this little card holder which I gave to my daughter Erin.

Click image for larger version

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So with this project I got some experience with cables, alternating knit and purl and keeping my place within the pattern repeat. I also got good at frogging my work back when I knitted from the wrong line of the pattern. It was a real confidence builder for me.

This pattern is called the Card-igan, and it's supposed to be a gift card holder. I posted it up on our FB page a few weeks:

Now I am getting into crochet a little bit. The Denise Needle folks sent us a set of their crochet hooks and I made a swatch of Tunisian simple stitch and I crocheted my first granny square. I am now working on a crochet hat for Erin. Here's the a pic of the progress.

Click image for larger version

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I'm very excited to be doing all this. It feels like I have come full circle. Seeing that I am married to an expert knitter and have a house full of yarn at my disposal, I figured I would take full advantage of the situation. I am also giving Amy some insights into the mind of the beginning knitter which is useful for her video concepts. Only good things can come of all this.

So in closing, you may end up hearing more from me as I post my progress here on KH. With all this knitting and crocheting, I just hope it leaves enough time to work on all my KH website projects.

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