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A Comment on Videos
I really appreciate those who take time to post knitting videos on the internet. Much of my learning comes from videos and trial and error. I literally watch hours of videos and that is what prompts this note.

Many videos are of poor quality because of lighting, movement, point of view, etc. Thatís OK with me because the posters do what they can with the equipment they have. I donít expect commercial grade cinematography and I appreciate the effort.

My time and frustration stems from the poster knitting at full speed. For me itís like a magician doing sleight of hand. The movement starts and ends and Iím left scratching my head as to what just happened and then watching the video over and over and over to grasp the technique. Seems to me it someone wants to teach they ought to consider that speed, while great for sports, may not enhance a demonstration.

Just a thought.
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