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Originally Posted by AH1OZ View Post
i was debating using a circular needle with a long cable, just so the needles themselves were small.

...unless someone can recommend a brand of needle that is short. all of my straight needles are too long for him.

I think circs sound like a great way to go. Having my needles "on a leash" is one reason I use circs for flat knitting. Needles will get dropped and I think eliminating the need to run one down would be helpful to any new kinitter, no matter how young or old they are. This is one time I think the Denise needles would be a good choice. They aren't as pointy as some so are less "lethal" and being made of whatever it is they're made of they aren't as subject to bending or breaking. No, I'm not saying this so you'll want to buy the set I have and don't use, but I do know a number of others here have indicated they don't use theirs either. They're available through this site too. Whatever needles you end up using I think that having someone this young learning to knit is fabulous. I wish you both the all the very best from this experience.
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