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I am relatively new to knitting, and started out with bamboo needles. I liked them, but they were cheaply made and the tips got blunt. The cables were OK on some, and impossible on others, even after I soaked them in very hot water. I figured they wouldn't hold up over time, either way.

I wound up getting some Harmony wood interchangeable needles and cables from Knit Picks and I love them. They have a nice "heft:" not too light and not too heavy. The stitches glide easily over the joins. If I had known I would like them so much, I would've sprung for the full set, but also realize that I will probably use just several sizes, mainly. I did just order a 16 inch cable as an afterthought because I make a lot of hats so far.
This is a good pick for me because I don't like metal needles. The Harmony is a multi-colored wood, and the thin cables are purple (sort of fun). Good luck finding the right needles!
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