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Originally Posted by sheldon View Post
Continental just makes more sense for me. It also analogous to how one holds the yarn in crochet. If I were to guess, I'd say crocheters are probably mostly continental knitters.

Amy likes to say that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to English vs. Continental. The right way is which ever way works for you. Previously, when I have knit I did do English, just because the mechanics made it easier to get the yarn through. But watching Amy speedily knitting continental and effortlessly switching between knit and purl stitches compelled me to learn continental.

I've thought the same thing about crocheters preferrring Continental, but really I'm not at all sure anymore. It seems from reading here that there may well be just as many who prefer English. I hope you realize I was kidding when I said you're knitting the *right* way. The only right way to knit is the way that works best for the individual knitter. As long as the yarn gets round the needle and and pulled through to form a new stitch, it's right, right? I wouldn't care if someone used their teeth and toes somehow, if it worked, it would be right. I've been envious of people who can knit both Continental and English, but now I can actually knit and purl English and feel pretty darned good about it. Purling English was nearly impossible for me, the knit stitch was something I could almost do reasonably well. I must soon try two colors of yarn since that's why I was determined to learn both. After I get more comfortable with what I've already learned I just might try Portugese knitting. Tunisian crochet is calling my name too, and it's getting louder so I think I just might start another Tunisian project soon. I'm not really an addict to yarn arts, I can put it down and walk away any time I want. It will be waiting for me when I come back.

Has anyone else here tried interlocking crochet? I found it really interesting and rather fun. I made a hot pink and bright yellow blanket for my GD. With those colors, I couldn't get it finished and away from me fast enough but she loves it.
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