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Originally Posted by Nanaof6 View Post
I have the same yarn sitting here waiting for me to knit DH a Basketcase Jacket but I know he would rather have this one.Is this an Elizabeth Zimmermans? I made three jackets so far and each one of them needed a 'Garment Stitch' in the shoulders. This will help with them growing when it's a heavy piece. I use a matching color in a strong cotton yarn.
Are you asking about my Nell pattern, or the Viveca pattern (the white one I shared as reference about the dirt that comes out of a project).

My Nell is in a Rowan Book.
My Viveca is in a Elsebeth Lavold book.

I don't knit Elizabeth Zimmerman designs. Not saying she's not great...just sayin.
I just haven't found an EZ design that beckons me.

Hmmm...garment stitch, eh? Wonder what that is? Never heard of it in contemporary patterns. Maybe it's just plain mattress stitch?

Well, now I'll have to google it! It sounds very interesting!
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