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Originally Posted by Nanaof6 View Post

This EZ'S Aran Coat . I am not a EZ fan but this is on my list of must knit. I knitted her Tomten Jacket and it took me awhile to get it done because she doesn't have a normal written pattern to follow so I missed a couple of key points along the way and had to frog things back a few times
Thanks for both of those links, Nana! The EZ jacket looks very similar to my Nell jacket doesn't it!? But mine has no pockets, no hood. There was a belt called for...but belts are a waste of time for my jackets. A belt just hangs down the sides, and/or becomes lost somewhere.

The link that shows that special crocheted chain stitch to fortify the shoulder seams (and armhole seams?) is a great photo. How is it done again? After the should is mattress seamed, then you double back and work that crochet chain??
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