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Originally Posted by Nanaof6 View Post
I hope that I am not confusing some of you with the crocheted stitch. I'll do my best to explain what I did.

I knitted the EZ'S Tomten Jacket and my knitting instructor highly suggested using this idea because the piece was stretchering/growing . The photo shows this stitch from the inside of the sleeve and shoulder. The finished sleeve was done by picking up said amount of stitches from the right front panel and back panel (same on both sides) then using a wrap and turn st you knit to desired length. When I had finished my DH'S Jacket he felt that it was getting longer and not feeling stable in the shoulders. I was shown how to go into the finished project with a good sturdy cotton yarn and pick up stitches along the body piece not the sleeve by inserting my crochet hook in to each sl st on the outer edge starting at the front lower armpit area pick up my cotton yarn and pull it through the existing stitches that make the jacket and form a chain stitch , go into the next stitch and form a chain stitch, repeat up to shoulder up and over and down the back side and back to the back lower armpit area. You are adding the garment stabling stitches after the whole project has been completed in the shoulder area only.

I looked for a video online to show how to do this but there is not one . I really need to learn how to make one and post this because this stabilizing trick truly saved my DH'S jacket
This is what I envisioned I would do. Adding the stabilizing crochet chain after the fact. Thanks for contributing all of the helpful info, and links!
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