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Unfortunately, not a lot is going to fix it. I use hot tea with as much sugar (not artificial sweetener) and lemon as I can stand. The heat helps with the soreness. The tannic acid in the tea is supposed to reduce swelling, as is the lemon juice (bonus points for the antiviral action of vitamin C.) The sugar drawn fluid from the swollen cells. The effect only lasts a few minutes at a time, so if the phone rings and you gargle a good slug of hot tea done this way you can finish a call before it starts to hurt again.

If your doctor says Tylenol or Advil are all right, those help, but not as much as they do on anything else sore. I get good results from Ricola cough and throat drops, though not everyone does. Mostly you have to wait for the virus to get done and leave, which is a pain in the neck...literally.
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