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My grandson learned to knit today!
He's planning to knit something for his mom's birthday. He doesn't know how to purl yet and I ended up doing the cast on for his mom's present, which will be a coaster to go under her coffee cup, so it'll be garter stitch.

He's 12 and has Asperger's. His mom got a call that he needed to be picked up from school. I'm closer and could get there faster so she called me and he ended up spending the afternoon. He needed to calm down and I just had him sit in front of me and showed him how and he was doing knit stitches very quickly. I was amazed. He took home 2 sets of acrylic needles from my interchangeable sampler sets and 2 cables, a key and a piece of grippy shelf liner, some straight sz. 10 plastic straight needles that he was using, the yarn he was learning with and yarn for the coaster. He likes it. I think it will be a calming thing for him to do, he got into the rhythm of it so quickly. I showed him Sheldon's post with the cardi-gan photo to show him that men do knit. Thanks, Sheldon! I know other men post photos but Sheldon's was the one I remembered how to find.

If he keeps knitting I think it will help him a lot and he'll have the satisfaction of having made something.
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