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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I use the method shown on this video.

This is the video I learned with because I do use two hands. It's much faster for me. Yeah, tradition fair isle is 2 colors. I usually just put it on hats and make up my own design as I go along.
Jan, do you know of a source for learning the two-handed weaving Fair Isle technique for the purl side? I didn't have any trouble learning the two-handed method for knitting in the round, but now I have a project I want to do that uses Fair Isle knit flat. I figured out how to catch the floats (on the WS) when I'm (1) purling with the yarn in my right hand, but I can't for the life of me figure out (2) catching the floats (on the WS) when I'm doing several purl sts with the yarn in my left hand. Vogue Knitting has some illustrations of the weaving technique, but for the WS, it shows only (1) and not (2). Do you know how to do (2)?

I have some wonderful half-stranded socks to try (Fair Isle only on the top of the sock), but I don't want floats inside the sock.
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