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Ribbing the Cuff
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Not sure if the cast off is right?
I am knitting a childrens cardigan..

I am doing the collar and front borders... it says:

Next Row: Rib 4, cast off 1 st, (rib 9, cast off 1 st) x 3,
rib to the end

Now I have tried many different ways but it does not seem to be working.

Heres one way I tried: Rib 4, then to cast off the 1 stitch, I knitted a stitch, then another and pulled one over the other... problem is that my rib pattern changes e.g. its Knit Knit Purl Purl, K K P P etc but when I do it, K K P P then K P P P (that happens because of the casting off bit)

What am I doing wrong? I think the casting off is to make holes for buttons?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
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