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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
The pattern that the poster is working on may call for a yo before the ssk but that certainly isn't a general rule. There are plenty of patterns that call for decreases and specifically ssk without placing a yo before that decrease.
What pattern are you knitting? It may be that you're inadvertantly missing an increase somewhere in the row. Would markers help? When this happens to me I more careful about counting sts every row.
Thank you salmonmac and suzeeq. I appreciate your help and suggestions. I DID put a marker every 5 stitches of the 55! And I knit 2 rows correctly. It was a little hard because there were YOs and K2Togs which, then I had to move the markers!

What I finally figured out, or at least, this is what I think: even though I typed out the rows in bigger font, they were too close together on my paper, and I just looked at the wrong row 1/2 way through. The rows are VERY similar, simply moving the YO holes over one stitch every other row (Odd rows are P across; even rows might be like: YO, K2, slip 1 as to knit and another even row is: YO, K1, slip 1 as to knit)

I'm going to put something over those other rows so I can't see them and just look at the row I'm doing!!

Okay, back at it!!

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