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Originally Posted by MoniDew View Post
YUP! I'm a fan, but... and please understand this is coming from a loving place... Please use your coconut oil externally - face, oil pulling and then spit it out, but don't ingest it if you have high cholesterol!! Coconut oil is 100% pure saturated fat!! Skip all oils, all of them, as well as animal foods and processed foods, stick to 100% whole plant based diet, and that cholesterol level will fall! see Heart Attack Proof by Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn. He details all of this in his book and videos (YouTube him!)
Got to disagree, Virgin coconut oil is not a saturated fat, it is monounsaturated. Unlike a lot of triglycerides we ingest, which are "long chain triglycerides," coconut oil is a "medium chain" triglyceride. It is very easily digested, in fact, it is used in the hospital to tube feed seriously ill patients, also used in baby formulas.
Coconut oil got lumped in with bad saturated fats in the 1980s by the crafty soybean industry. They figured that if they could get everybody afraid of saturated fats, they could sell more vegetable oil. You SHOULD be afraid of saturated fats, but coconut oil isn't one of them! Sadly, to this day, coconut oil is still believed by many to be a 'bad fat,' when it's actually super healthy for anybody. Good for weight loss, Crohn's disease, myriad digestive problems, as well as skin and hair, it has antimicrobial effects. It is super easy to digest, in fact pancreatic enzymes aren't even needed to break it down, so it doesn't get absorbed through the intestines and into the blood stream directly. Instead it goes through portal vein to the liver where it supplies glycogen for energy.
We use it for baking, because you can easily substitute it for butter.
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