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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
For some reason I see you with artfully designed topiary in your yard, or with trees grown in parallel rows shaped into arches for a pathway... you strike me as the artsy gardener.
Well, thank you, Charlotte; it's nice to be imagined that way--even if it's not true!

No, the sad reality is that our garden is quite weedy and wayward at the moment. We will get it whipped into shape as spring nears, but for now it is quite the untidy mess!

As for trees and pathways and topiary, well that's not realistic here on the edge of West Texas. I'd love to cover the place in trees--and have the moisture to sustain them, but alas . . . my husband must have a field to plow and the rains just aren't very frequent these days.

I see all these beautiful, lush, green, drapey gardens on Pinterest, and I dream of having such a sanctuary in my backyard. But then reality in the form of another hot, dry Texas summer slams into my pitiful little dream, and before you know it, the dream, as well as the garden, has burnt to a crisp--and/or been eaten by grasshoppers!

Maybe I should strive for a beautiful, lush, green, drapey cactus garden--all in neat rows and shaped into interesting topiary and with arches that one dare not walk under lest one be impaled! Hmmmmm . . . . that's not quite the same inviting environment that I imagined!
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