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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
You could have it in miniature, Antares, with a terrarium.
Very true, GG! Believe me, I've considered it (I just can't quite figure out how to get inside the terrarium with my lawn chair, though)!

Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
However, it could be very private and just for you, minus the grasshoppers.
I'd no idea you were that close to the SW desert - I fell in love with the stark and oddly shaped Joshua trees in Southern CA. Do you have those?
Well, a cactus garden might not be a peaceful setting for just anyone, but it's not for everyone, so that's okay. My husband brought home some Spanish daggers and century plants just last week. He grew up in "brush country" and feels right at home among all manner of thorny plants. So, yeah, it appears that a cactus garden just might be where we're headed.

Sadly there are no Joshua trees here. They are beautifully unique, aren't they? In looking at their habitat, they prefer a higher elevation than ours. DARN!
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