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Originally Posted by barbarajo View Post
Crocheting is my comfort zone. I've been trying to learn to knit & it's very frustrating not having anyone to help me out. I have some medical issues that keep me home alot but I refuse to give up on knitting! My problem is always starting with too big of a project. Now I'm trying to work on a small one and if it's difficult I can rip it out! I'm so used to doing that with crocheting anyway! Sewing has never been my thing but I keep trying.

Good for you! What small projects are you working on? I've found I like knitting squares: dishcloths, washcloths, coasters. It can be a great opportunity to practice stitch patterns and tension and just get comfortable with knitting. Finishing something that you can use that doesn't have to be perfect is so nice when you're learning. I've made sweaters and socks and I still do squares because I'm learning! When I need a mindless knit, cotton yarn and Grandma's favorite dishcloth are just right.
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