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Originally Posted by barbarajo View Post
I downloaded the sock pattern you talked about and it took me to a generic pattern that may help me learn to knit a sock. My problem is the opposite of all you narrow width people, mine are EEE width! So you can imagine how hard it is just to find shoes, let alone socks. I'm a diabetic so they can't be tight on my ankle and that's why I wanted to knit my own. Your advice on doing the math to get the right size should help, I hope!

Wide feet, narrow feet, medium wide, long or short or somewhere in between...I find that the best way to have socks fit the way I want them to is to do them toe up and try them on as I go. I can adjust by adding more stitches and I start the heel when the foot is the right length for me. You might try the Lifestyle socks or look at Silver's Sock Class which covers toe up and cuff down socks. I think Silver's also tells how to make them fit your feet the way you want them too. I started with worsted weight yarn and made thick socks to keep my feet warm inside or to go inside my boots - which I had to buy on the big side because I can't ever find them to fit right - and that's a great way to learn the techniques used in socks before you start with the skinny fingering yarn and sharp skewer needles. Liat Gat also teaches sock knitting (and you don't have to buy her DVD course for it). This is her KNITFreedom -Toe-Up Socks Pattern Overview and I learned how to know when to start the heel from her.

Math and I do not get along. I can do some basic even/odd number stuff, multiples I can usually handle, figuring gauge is pretty darned iffy. The only solution for me with socks was the no-gauge way. However you decide to do it, best of luck and I'm confident that you can!

ETA: I've not yet used an actual sock pattern and have made them for me and for kids.
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