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Originally Posted by barbarajo View Post
I downloaded the sock pattern you talked about and it took me to a generic pattern that may help me learn to knit a sock. My problem is the opposite of all you narrow width people, mine are EEE width! So you can imagine how hard it is just to find shoes, let alone socks. I'm a diabetic so they can't be tight on my ankle and that's why I wanted to knit my own. Your advice on doing the math to get the right size should help, I hope!

My best friend has very swollen feet, read quite wide, and can't wear anything tight on her ankles or feet. I made her a pair of toe up sport socks (ankle highs) with superwash wool sock yarn, knitted on size 3 needles to a gauge of 7 sts per inch, and didn't change to a smaller needle for the 1.5" cuff ribbing. She absolutely loves them - no pain, no cutting at the ankle.

I also made myself a pair just like hers - just like you diabetes foot care is important to me too. I wear a ladies size 9 and making them toe up with Magic Loop, cast 12 sts (needing a broad toe), and increased up to 56 sts. I used the lifestyle sock heel, and knit a few rounds (about 1") before working the cuff.

Finding a well fit sock has been heaven - I wish you the same luck that I had finding mine!


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