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Originally Posted by oliviap5 View Post
I watched the video for the magic loop and two circulars. I got a little lost halfway through the magic loop video :/ I think I will just go with using the DPNs. I got a little confused, is that what you think would be my best bet with this pattern?
Been there, done that.

If I don't grasp a technique by watching one video...I press on and watch other knitter's video versions.

Almost all the time, Amy's videos "click" with me. But I'm a really slow learner with tricky new techniques like magic loop, two circs, etc.

However, I stumbled upon a video that really "clicked" with me, and her video lesson impressed certain phrases and tips that I've never forgotten. The video is about 6 minutes in length...but her lesson is unforgettable. I think you should watch it. I'm glad I did! Her method of knitting in-the-round (whether for a few stitches or ALL the stitches for a sleeve or hat or whatever) is the Two Circulars method. It's all I ever use.

For this method you do need two circulars of the same size. I use two different nickel plated for one pair, and wood for the other pair. (This helps brain-dead me automatically discern where the round begins and ends. I begin the first 12 stitches on the nickel plated, and the last 12 stitches on the wood...for example. But you can certainly put a marker of some kind on the set of stitches that are the beginning stitches of the round)

Here is the video: It isn't as high quality as Amy's KH videos, but the lesson is still served.
Like I said, it "clicked" with me.
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