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Thank you for the video!

I am still confused about that first part though when you say "to pick up stitches hold the yarn end". From what I understand I will have my front piece and back piece of the sweater, where is the yarn end coming from? Do I just use yarn from my ball of yarn to pick up the stitches? From the video you sent me it looks like she used yarn from a ball and not from the finished sweater she had in front of her? But in the video from knittinghelp it looks like that was already coming from the knitted pieces? I am also not understanding how the picked up stitches come off the needle. The video ends with the picked up stitches on her needle and I don't really get what I do next.

I have also watched a couple videos that say not to pick up every stitch but stagger them somehow. It does not say that specifically in my pattern but should I do that?

I am not really getting the k1 from the holder part, but I think I will wait until I am actually doing it, because it may make more sense when I can see it in front of me?
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