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Switching from circular needles to DPNs messed up stitch pattern
Hi All!

I'm a newbie - have been knitting only for a couple of months. I've finished a few scarves, and have moved on to simple hats. Used circular needles for the first time, and everything was going well - knitted all rows for stockinette stitch, decreases were going fine. And then I needed to switch to the DPNs to finish it off. So, I thought I followed instructions and knitted my 22 stitches onto 3 DPN needles (7,7,8) and kept knitting. This changed the stitch from stockinette to garter at the top of the hat (or rather the outside of the hat became the wrong side, as it appears the stockinette stitch is on the inside of this portion of the hat). What did I do wrong?

I'm not heartbroken as I was just doing this for practice, and it went very quickly. I just want to make sure I do it correctly next time. Thank you!
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