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Thank you so much! I am, for the most part, a self-taught knitter. I do not know where I would be if it were not for the helpful knitters on sites like knittinghelp!

I think at this point I at least know how to begin the finishing part. Also I am just noticing that "holder" means a stitch holder. So that actually makes more sense now!

I also have another question. For knitting the back piece it says to dec 1 st each side every right side row. Does that mean I dec 1 stitch when the right side is facing towards me on the needles or away from me on the needles?

I am also still confused about knitting the front piece, where it says "Bind off 6(6-7-8-9) sts, work until there are 34(38-42-45-49) sts on RH needle, sl center 2 sts onto holder, join another ball of yarn and k to end. Work both sides at once." What does it mean to "work both sides at once"?

This really is such a tremendous resource, thank you so much!
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