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Confusing pattern instructions?
I bought a wool diaper soaker pattern and ran into a confusing section on short rows. I understand how short rows work, so that's not the issue... I'm just wondering how to interpret the last instruction in the section -- either repeating the short row pattern, or ending the section and moving to the next.

Here's what the finished product should look like:

It's knit flat and I'm working with 46 total stitches. Here's the text in the pattern.

"Short row shaping:
K30 (32,36,40). Slip the next stitch purl-wise. Move yarn between the needles to front. Slip the same stitch back to the left needle. Turn, bringing the yarn to the purl side. P22 (22,26,30). Slip the next stitch purlwise. Move the yarn between the nee-dles to back. Slip the same stitch back to left needle. Turn, bringing yarn back to purl side. K 23 (23,27,31). Continue in this pattern until all stitches are back in use."

Am I being daft, or does "continue in this pattern" seem to mean to repeat the shaping rows somehow? However, the only thing that makes sense when I'm actually on the row is to continue knitting to the end of the row (finishing short rows and moving on to the next section in the pattern). I have no idea what "until all stitches are back in use" means. Are two short rows enough to make a difference in the shaping of the back of the cover?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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