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Ok now you're at the short row shaping.
"Short row shaping:
K30 (32,36,40). Slip the next stitch purl-wise. Move yarn between the needles to front. Slip the same stitch back to the left needle. Turn, bringing the yarn to the purl side. P22 (22,26,30). Slip the next stitch purlwise. Move the yarn between the nee-dles to back. Slip the same stitch back to left needle. Turn, bringing yarn back to purl side. K 23 (23,27,31).
So on the next row you would p28 w&t and on the next row k29 w&t, p30 w&t, k31 w&t, p32 w&t, k33 w&t, etc, until you've incorporated all the unworked sts. I don't mean to increase any sts over the 46 you have now, just work one more stitch before the w&t in each row.
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