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Originally Posted by Joiedevivre View Post
Salmonmac, I don't have a clue what I did. It was the first time I've ever knitted in the round. I just know it was looking pretty good - I didn't screw up the decreases and it was the first time I'd ever done those, too. And once I knitted everything over to the DPNs and continued on my way, I knitted few rows and noticed it reversed from stockinette to reverse stockinette on the outside of the hat. Not a clue what happened.

Oh, I'll probably just bind it off as is, leave it alone and start a new one. This one was only practice - I have a whole skein of cheap yarn I just use for practicing. No loss. I'll do another one and try to figure out what I did when I get to that point again. Follow the instructions more carefully for switching from circulars to DPNs. I'm a little ADHD and probably just wasn't careful enough (obviously) in following the instructions, trying to rush through.
GG nailed it on the head, joiedevivre. Both about knitting from the inside, and the having a $ for everytime I did it part! Like her, I'd be a very wealthy woman...

Next time you switch to DPN like that, just make sure the outside/ Right Side/ Public Side (whatever you call it) of the hat is closest to you and the open circle with the rest of the DPN hanging is away from you.
If the circle with all of the DPN hangs closest to you, that's knitting on the inside/Wrong Side/ Private Side, and you'll get reverse stockinette.

It's the only way to think about this that I've found to keep me from knitting "inside out" when switching to DPN in the round.

If I only had a $...

Happy Knitting!


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