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I learned, English style, from my Mom before I started school. Years ago I used to knit, and my mil knit continental style. She was like a darned machine!! I'd never seen it done before and couldn't believe my eyes. Her fingers just flew! She used to crank out fo's like her needles were on fire lol. She thought my way was slow and had a lot of unnecessary "flopping around". When I returned to knitting last year, after more than a 20 year absence, I decided it was a good time to change to continental, since I could hardly remember how to k or p anyway - great opportunity, right? Ha! No way were those left fingers going to participate. I did give it a pretty good try, but their job apparently is to hold the left needle, nothing more.... English seemed so easy, after I stopped batting my head against the continental wall. Congrats to all you ambidextrous knitters - I think you should have some kind of exclusive club, or badge or something
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