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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
I normally hold the yarn in my left hand--whichever method that is (I can't ever remember and telling me won't help 'cause I'll promptly forget again); I learned crochet first, and so this method feels the most natural. However, I'm right-handed. When doing colorwork knitting and holding a strand in each hand, I often find it amusing that my usual brilliant right hand hasn't a clue what it's supposed to do. It's forced to humble itself and take a cue from the (normally STOOOOPID) left hand. (I think I've even caught my left hand making mocking, obscene gestures at my right hand--it has to get even somehow, you know!)

I want a ROFL button!
I understand. You know, I bet thre are English knitters who hold the yarn in the right hand sometimes feel similarly about trying to knit Continental. Obscene gestures... So glad there really are no knitting police!
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