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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
That looks like a plastic cable which I've hated in the past. Hmmm...
Originally Posted by barbarajo View Post
I was also in the market for several sizes of the long bamboo needles in a set. Couldn't find the Clover brand in a set, they seem more expensive but I have 1 set long and one set of dpn from them. So I was shopping @ Amazon and one person complained about the stitchberry brand, so I decided against that brand.

Thanks for the comments.

Jan, I have a set of Clover 48" size 2 that I ordered just to see what it's like and the cable on it looks like skinny weed eater cord but after dipping it in hot water before I started using it, it behaves almost like the KP cables. I actually like it! and hate having my preconcieved notions dashed! I like the short bamboo tips for socks, too. The cord on the stitchberry brand looked iffy so I thought I'd ask.

barb, was it the cable that was complained about on Amazon? I'll see if I can find it to read for myself.

I'd only risk a few bucks if I don't have to pay shipping and was ordering anyhow. The eneedles site is hard to run things down on IME.
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