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Kitting Changing Sides
I have a pattern that I've been stuck on for about a month now. No rush, but I'd love some help.

It's an illusion scarf, so the RS and WS are obvious. But my problem is going from the background to the pattern.

Here is the beginning instructions.
CO 31st in black. K 2 rows in black.
Knit background section 3 times, ending with row 4.

Background section:
Row 1: K across in green
Row 2: P across in green
Row 3: K across in black
Row 4: K across in black.

The first line of the pattern is labeled RS. For some reason, I keep ending up starting incorrectly and the pattern and background section are backwards from each other. Any ideas?

Also with RS and WS, is that which side is facing you as you're ready to begin a new row?
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