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We used to shoot the videos with the camera on a tripod and Amy's hands on each side, basically hugging the tripod and holding the needles out in front of her lap. It's cumbersome and very prone to the knitting dropping out of the shot which is a common issue in some of the older videos. We occasionally get emails about a few of them that were especially bad.

Nowadays, we're a bit more fancy. We have a camera mounted up high on a ceiling beam pointed at a space right in front of where Amy sits. That camera has a cable running to a monitor in front of Amy so she can always see if her hands are in the frame.

Anyhow, that's the behind the scenes magic here at

Originally Posted by Paulaque View Post
how in the world do you get the bird's eye view like that? I have tried and tried, and the closest I can come is the camera pointed at my lap in front of me, which is NOT where I want it.
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