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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
This sounds like the front of the sweater was on 86sts. You've just finished working one shoulder and binding those sts off and now, you're putting the center 2sts on a holder for the V neck and working the rem sts (42) for the other shoulder. The next directions are for shaping the V neckline on this side. There are no stitches to pick up yet.
thanks for your help but i still dont understand, what you have described surely counts as the v neck band that i later have to create?!

Im sooooooo confused, shaping the shoulders needs me to knit 42 stitches yet the neck band needs me to knit up 68 stitches, so surely these cant be the same thing? i already have the v shape created so i cant understand where it creates extra knitting for the shoulders surely your only left with the hole for the sleeves!

i am a very patient person however i feel this v neck really is getting the better of me!!!

any help much appreciated! i cant forward the pattern because the internet wont show it and i dont have a scanner i guess this is all down to copyright.
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