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Originally Posted by butlersabroad View Post
11 more rows done, no more mistakes, and a second lifeline in use! But I did come across the stitch from hell that even Amy's video said was rare for a decrease and not at all intuitive! It was P2togtbl! Really, I think if I'd had more knitting experience I'd have left this pattern alone! They say ignorance is bliss but in this case ignorance was just plain ignorance!

The yarn is also coming out darker than I expected. The photo of it on this thread makes it look quite light, but in reality it's knitting up quite dark with lighter highlights. I don't think it suits the pattern but it could be one of those things that looks a lot better finished than in progress.

P2togtbl! Yeah, I know! Ouch. It's difficult! Tricky. Futzy! I've regularly run into P3togtbl. On my Ariosa cardigan (just recently finished) I had to Purl 15 together! Yes, you read that right. 15. They were long stitches created by triple wraps the row before, but still....are you kidding me? 15?

Anyhoo, the point is....what helped me is using pointy needles, especially for P2togtbl, and P3togtbl.

Sounds like you're meeting the challenge and thoroughly whipping this project into shape! I admire your stick-to-it-iveness!
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