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In the first photo, the initial pattern (the graph) is started correctly with the two purl bumps in white/green toward the center of the scarf and it looks like it continues correctly. The background does appear to be correct in this picture area. But the initial rows of the scarf appear reversed and in the second photo you can see the initial rows of the scarf which are all background, have an error. You shouldn't be seeing white purl bumps in the valleys that are done in stockinette (white). These are the directions to start the scarf:
CO 31st in black.
K 2 rows in black.
Background Section:
Row 1: K across in green
Row 2: P across in green
Row 3: K across in black
Row 4: K across in black

Make sure you cast on in black and then K 2 rows in black. The next row is K white/green and the following is P white/green. These two rows will give you stockinette (V shaped sts in the contrast color on the RS) and you won't see purl bumps in the contrast color background.
When you start chart 1 (white/green), make susre that the side with the contrast color valleys is facing you for chart row 1. You'll see the first 2 purl bumps of the snake appear in row 2 and the purl bumps will be on the RS.
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