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ugh pain :-(
Hey everyone Im new here so thought Id say hi. I am a sort of beginner knitter and I am from the UK. Hi :-)

Ok so, like, I have a problem. I am currently trying to knot a baby blanket for my BFFs baby due in May. She has a baby shower in 2 weeks and I thought the blanket would be an awesome gift for the shower. Now I have a small problem in that I am getting pain in my hands. it started off in my right index finger but thar seemed to have eased and somehow has travelled to my left hand. um....advice please? I do stretches before/after knitting. The only rhing I can think of is this may have happened because of knitting too long and I hadnt realised yikes. Since it started (monday) I havent picked up ny needles and am just resting my hands. Can anyone advise on what I can do. I love knitting and I dont want to stop cos its theraputic and fun and I also need to finish this blanket. Help?

Edited to add I have been putting Ibuprofen gel on but not sure how this would help :/

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