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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Very nice socks! And I love the idea of replaceable parts . . . . and recycled yarn (wish I could find such a deal, but all I found was an acrylic hand-knit sweater--so sad to see it in a Goodwill store).

Now where are those posters whose husbands wear hand-knit socks out in a matter of hours?
Thanks. Finding good yarn to recycle is hit or miss. Some days I find several sweaters I can use, other days I get nothing. FWIW, I seem to wear socks out fast, too. I suspect it's because I like to walk around the house in my socks, on carpet. I think all that friction wears 'em out fast. Nowadays when I knit socks I reinforce the toe, sole, and heel with a strand of woolly nylon.
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