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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Ok, thanks for the link and the information on needles. So the weight of the blanket isn't the problem. It may just be subconscious anxiety about finishing on time and perhaps more hours knitting than you're used to. Taking a rest from knitting and coming back with only limited time with the needles may help.
Yes that is probably what it is lol - that or I'm just very into the knitting. once you start you cant stop type of thing lol! I should probably have like a timer on me set to buzz to tell me to stop or something after like 5 mins of knitting or something. Oh i'm going to be upset it won't be finished on time :( I don't want to show up to the shower empty handed.....although i know she'll get the blanket eventually but its something different than getting a baby grow or something like that isn't it? :( Hey ho.

Thanks for all your comments everyone. Anything else i can do? do you think wearing wrist braces would also help or anything?
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