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Thankyou for your help, Yes thats the correct pattern book,the pattern i am doing starts on page 14 although i am following the v neck pattern on the next 2 pages, not the crew neck. There is a picture of a man but i am creating the one that the lady is wearing. I showed my mum last night who is a keen knitter and she cant make sense of it either!

Unfortunately i am not able to link photos as my camera doesnt work with my computer :-(

When i hold the front section up to my body i have 2 shoulders bound off and i have a v shape created so i cant make out where the extra bit needs to go, i think i am going to continue to create the neckband and the sleeve and try and set it all together and hope that there is not an area i have missed! I have made my first crew neck previously and that pattern was not as complicated as this one! Although the pattern book states it as easy! well for a beginner its not :-) Although i will not be defeated!!!

Thankyou very much for your help :-) you all seem friendly on here. I will continue with my pattern and ask on her if i need more help but for now i consider that part of the pattern scrapped and hopefully it wont backfire!! :-)
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