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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
So sorry to hear about all the problems in Michigan. I have an Internet friend who lives in that state, but I don't think she's as aware of the farmer situation as you are.
We travel around during the summer as we like to camp, kayak and bike so we do get out quite a bit more than most folks do. If your friend just stays in her local town and still sees the stores stocked up with food she might not question where it comes from, but I'm sure she complained that the prices had gone up!! I sit across from a guy at work who sees nothing but what he wants to see. He doesn't believe we had a bad summer or a drought last year, his only comment was "Well my grass was green"! I asked him if he was born stupid or did he have to practice.

I can't imagine living in a State like Texas where it's always quite dry but I suppose it's a way of life really. Perhaps we should all do a rain dance!!
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