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Clearly I need to rest my hands a bit longer than 4 days.....
This morning i woke up and got dressed and everything and I thought "ah no pain, perfect. I'll get back to the blanket and work on it SLOWLY and WITH BREAKS. I've knitted 3 rows and had like 3 breaks each time...but my index fingers are hurting a little perhaps i need to take a little bit of a longer break before i start knitting again. grrrr!

Ive tried knitting continental cos i read somewhere its easier on the hands but as easy as it is, for some reason i'm tensing up trying to do it and also my knitting is rather loose knitting think i'm going to continue knitting english until the blanket is done. I'd hate for my squares to look odd - what a rubbish present it would turn out to be otherwise.

I wonder if wearing a wrist brace or something like that would help? What do you all think?
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