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Originally Posted by barbarajo View Post
Welcome to knitting help! You've reminded me of the baby blanket I had to end recently for my daughter who just had her baby a few days ago. It was more like an afghan[to me] than a blanket, 2 strands and had to use circular needles. I thought: sure I can do this, it's only knit stitches. Wrong! I had to stop & rest my hands & fingers as well as my shoulders quite often, I had 5 or 6 colors to use and when I began to make mistakes the anger grew so I had to finally end it! She took it the way it was minus the last color and loves it, mistakes & all. Good lesson learned, don't take on more than you're capable of and be sure to rest in between! Love all the advise about the hot water, sounds so soothing!

You didn't point out the most important lesson here: She took it the way it was minus the last color and loves it, mistakes & all.

We always try to do our best and would love to achieve perfection. Some come mighty darned close to perfection, I'm not there yet and maybe never will be. The people I knit for love having hand made things, they consider them to be special gifts. Thank you for reminding me of this.
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