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Yeah, slowly increase. You may be getting more like two tsp. now in a rounded spoon like that. I get about two Tbl. Only put it in my coffee. Also oil pull with about 1.5 tsp.

I read a book called Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife on my Kindle. Library might have it if you're interested. I've read an oil pulling one by the same author. I'm not one of those people who believes everything I read, but the science and reasoning made sense. I do think my arthritis is better from the two things I do. I take less pain meds most days. And I am sleeping better most nights, too.

PB? Hmm.. Worth a try I guess. I try to avoid bread most of the time so I'd miss out.

The biggest thing I'm curious about now is how it will affect my cholesterol. Even though it does react differently inthe body since its an MCT it is a fat. I'll keep you posted if I ever get to the doc.

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