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Gluten. You may have a sensitivity to gluten. Gluten is in wheat, rye, barley, and at least one or two other grains I don't recall right now. Sensitivities are not the same as allergies, if you have a sensitivity to a certain food you might not be actually allergic to it and it would not show up in an allergy test. Food sensitivities can affect not only physical things such as a pain in the neck, but moods and emotional outbursts (OMG did my DS have those! from chicken, chicken eggs, tomatoes, peanuts, and dairy anything!) Also, when we don't eat gluten and dairy products for any length of time our bodies get so they don't want to deal with digesting them at all and the things they trigger become more pronounced when we do consume them. So...the less dairy products I eat, the less I can tolerate them when I do eat them. It's amazing how many foods contain gluten in an ingredient in the food, such as soy sauce and some flavorings derived from wheat. My DD's kitchen is GFCF, gluten-free casein-free, so no dairy, wheat, rye....
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