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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Slip stitch in the first dc; slip stitch in the next dc; slip stitch in the chain of the V stitch. Repeat this part (sl st in next dc, ch 1 sp, dc) 3 times.

What you're doing is moving your working yarn to where you start making more stitches to lengthen the rest of the top w/o adding length under the arm. Slip stitching in each dc and chain 1 space will do it neatly. If I'm counting correctly you'll be slip stitching in 13 stitches and you'll want to make sure you leave the same number of stitches unworked at the end of the row.

That's a really cute top.
I get a different count, GG. I think she should be slip stitching in 10 stitches altogether. You do the sl st in the first dc = 1 + the part in parens three times = 9 for a total of 10.

What am I missing here?
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