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Baby Zelda Outfit Pattern
I'm stuck on step 8 of the sweater portion.
Step 8 Divide stitches among 3 needles as follows:
Needle 1 (left back): 21 stitches
Needle 2 (front): 40 stitches
Needle 3 (right back): 21 stitches

You will now be working the three pieces (left back, front,
and right back) separately. If you donít work the pieces
separately, you wonít have armholes! Continue working the
buttonhole placket and buttonholes as established in step 7.
Pattern Link:

I can't seem to figure out what I did wrong here. I did everything the pattern said and I have 88 sts. I end up with 6 more stitches for the front of the sweater.
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