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I think its time I paid a visit to the dr.....UPDATE
Really hoped I wouldn't have to - see this thread for info But after a week of not knitting and resting my hands yesterday I picked up the needles and started knitting. I decided maybe i should try knitting looser seeing if that would help any, but clearly not because my fingers are back to hurting again. At least the index fingers but now for some reason the pain has gone to my pinky finger. I suspect i've killed my hands...:( So am going to stop knitting until I have advice from the friend will probably not see this blanket until after the baby's born, or probably a long time from that which is when I am sure someone else has given her a baby blanket? Can you have too many baby blankets? If so then perhaps I shall sell mine on Ebay! Well when it comes to knitting it..or donate it to a hospital.....oh i'm so upset now. I was looking forward to getting this done.

Well hope you all dont mind this rant of a post.
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