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FO: a dozen cotton face cloths
So after a long stretch of sweaters and other futzy projects, I'm always ready for a break. I work on dish cloths, face cloths, scarves, other flat knitting...etc. Or try out new pattern stitches, like that herringbone stitch! Do you remember that neat circular needle case I made with herringbone stitch and Noro Silk Garden yarn? That was so much fun!

In 2011, I knit up a face cloths and hand towel set for my bathroom (which is pink and green). I used stash yarn, Reynolds "Saucy" mercerized cotton. Boy oh boy. That cotton is fantastic. Firstly, it knits up even. Secondly, it does not fade. My pink towel and bath cloths haven't faded a bit, not one shade lighter, whereas the other 4 face cloths I knit (using Lily Sugar Baby cotton) have faded horribly.

Anyhoo, I do like the garter stitch for face and bath cloths. It's very useful. It scrubs.

For this newst green set of face cloths, I downsized the proportions. Live and learn.
Rather than 10" x 10" (the pink ones), these new green face cloths are 8" x 8". Better for
my small hands, plus I can get 3 cloths from one skein rather than 2 with leftovers.

I cast on 35 stitches with a US7, and knit away for 33 garter ridges.
Bind off sorta loosely, and before you cut the yarn...add a simple crochet edging.

I like the look of the edging better than the plain garter edge hanging out by itself.
I've had time to assess whether or not it's worth the yarn and time. It is.

So here is my latest project: a single face cloth weighs 33 the 100 gr ball of Saucy will give me 3 face cloths. I have two skeins. I'm going to force myself to knit all 6, regardless of my boredom after about 3.
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