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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Well done, ArtLady!

I like to make dish scrubbies, too, for the same reasons--they're a mindless knit or crochet and they're so darn useful.

I've made a few of the face cloths, too. Someone gave me some made with the bee stitch once. Those have a nice texture as well.

Looking forward to seeing your next ones in basketweave.
I thought I'd do 2 in garter, 2 in moss, 2 in basket.

I've finished the 2 scallopy edged garter stitch face cloths, and 1/3 the way on the moss stitch face cloth. Moss is seed stitch on steroids, as you know. At halfway I'll assess if I like it well enough to proceed. So far, so good. Don't think I'll crochet the edges.
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